Not only we guarantee the quality of the workmanship, but we also guarantee the time of completion and the cost of the works.

Architect becomes the builder.

Urbanist Construction offers complete integrated design & build services through its architecture division Urbanist Architecture.

While the advantage of the architect-led approach in large scale building projects is clear, it works just as well for smaller projects. Smaller extensions, refurbishment projects and one-off new build houses are subject to the same type of delay and increased costs if mismanaged. In some cases, the smaller project has a higher risk of become derailed by ineffective management, due to lack of professional care and attention.

The architect-led project delivery creates a joint ownership of the major entities in building project. Planning permission, architectural design, structrual design, furnishings, electrical and mechanical systems, equipment specifications, purchasing and installation are all directed by one entity, by your architects, providing seamless movement from conception to completion.

If you want to protect yourself from corner-cutting builders, choose Urbanist Construction.
We had disputes with our previous builder over what was originally agreed, how much it's going to cost and how long it will take. But Urbanist Construction gave me a confirmed scope of work lists, and a guaranteed maximum cost and a guaranteed time scale for the total project through to completion. Highly recommended.
They ironed out problems at the planning application stage, conformed to building regulations and built a beautiful house for us. Most importantly, they provided peace of mind. As architects + builders, they were the guardian of safety on our project.

12 Reasons You Will Love Working With Us

  • Single-source Responsibility

  • Direct Communication

  • Complete Continuity throughout the Process

  • Ultimate Integration of Design & Build

  • Accurate Budgeting and Cost Control

  • Guaranteed Maximum Construction Cost

  • Accurate Scheduling and Programming

  • Short Construction Time

  • Outstanding Documentation

  • Premium Interior Design Services

  • Very High Level of Quality Control

  • Better Preservation of the Design